A teen talking about getting a tattoo can be the stuff of nightmares for most mums, especially if you are not a fan of them in the first place.
If your teenager has asked about getting inked, here are seven ways to handle the situation.
Praise them
Firstly, praise your adolescent for asking for your permission in the first place. Whether or not you will allow them, the very fact that they came to you, instead of simply going out and getting one, should be applauded. This is a sign that they trust you and your opinion.
Talk about health consequences
There are a number of health risks associated with getting a tattoo including Hepatitis, HIV and skin infections. Make sure your teen is well clued up on these. To them, a tattoo might simply be a way for them to show off, and they might not have even thought about the risks.
Talk about the price
If you are not a fan of it, you are less likely to pay for it. In fact, a tattoo can actually be pretty pricey, with many being in the hundred price range. If you aren’t going to fork out for it, how do they expect to pay for the inking?
Don’t argue with them
If you are totally against them, the last thing you want to do is to have an argument with your teen. While you might consider them to be ridiculous for even asking, if you get into an argument about why they can’t have one they will likely go off and get it anyway.
Talk and listen
Ask them why they want to get one. For many teens, getting a tattoo can be a passing phase, and asking the reasons why they are considering one can in fact make them think about why they really want it.
Reiterate that it is permanent
We all know that a tattoo is permanent, but to an adolescent, the very notion of permanency can actually go over their head. Make sure they know that even when they are old and grey the tattoo they got decades before will still be there.
Go with them
If you do decide to give them permission, go with them or at least check out the place that they are getting it done to ensure it is reputable and clean.