While it is pretty clear that mobile phones have become a necessary part of daily life, they can have an negative affect on us mentally and physically.  And considering we don’t need to be on them every single day, it is time to put it away. 


If you are still not convinced, the following four things will no doubt change your mind.


1. You are hurting your neck

You are playing havoc with your neck simply by looking down on your phone every day. Tilting your neck a certain way can actually strain both it and your shoulders and puts excessive weight on the spine.


2. It’s stressing you out

Being on your phone, checking your email and flicking through social media is actually adding unnecessary stress to your life and interfering with your leisure time. The more you are on your phone the more you feel like you need to be on it.



4. It’s causing you to be hyper-vigilant

Having your phone near or beside you causes you to be hyper-vigilant - when you are constantly on guard because you are waiting for your phone to ring. This can make you feel anxious and nervous, so turn it off.


5. It’s affecting your relationships

And not just with your other half. When you go out for dinner leaving your phone on the table can distract you and pull you away from interacting with people.


So with this in mind, this weekend, make an effort to turn it off when you are at home, especially when you are enjoying family time.