Two women have made medical history by being the first people to give birth using wombs donated by their own mothers.


The babies, who were born in Sweden a month ago, are said to be doing well.


The women were among seven people to have successful womb transplants this year. Another woman gave birth to a healthy baby earlier this year after a womb transplant, while a fourth is currently expecting.


Now experts are saying that this medical breakthrough could offer new hope to women who can’t have children because of being born without a womb or having undergone a hysterectomy.


Henrik Hagberg, a professor in foetal medicine at King’s College London, described the news as “extraordinary”.



“It is probably the best thing you can do for your daughter,” he said, adding, “The mothers were still very much doubting whether things would really go well. You don’t take anything for granted when you have experienced all of the problems they have been through.”


The grandmothers in each case underwent hysterectomies to donate their wombs to their daughters.