We all know that Halloween means fancy costumes and lots and lots of sweets.


And while we are all aware that it is not doing our little one's teeth any favours many of us see the occasion as 'a once a year the kids get this much' kind of treat. 


However, this year, dentists are urging parents to give trick-or-treaters stickers and balloons instead of treats to help prevent tooth decay. 



Professor Nigel Hunt, the dean of the faculty of dental surgery at The Royal College of Surgeons has said that children's teeth are a "national scandal" and while they don't want to spoil Halloween fun, he urged parents to make sensible decisions.


"We don't want to spoil the fun. We want to help parents make sensible decisions about letting their children eat sweets at Halloween and all year round."


Along with asking parents to consider giving out alternative treats to sweets, according to the BBC, Prof Hunt recommends children eat sweets with a meal at home to reduce the impact on their teeth, drink water instead of sugary drinks and to always brush their teeth with a flouride toothpaste. 



"As a parent myself, I know the delight children take in donning fancy dress and visiting the neighbours to collect as many sweet treats as they can carry," he said.


"Unfortunately, those sweet treats can be a Halloween horror for kids' teeth, sugar is one of the biggest culprits for nasty tooth decay."


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