Remember Sophia Grace and Rosie?


The two adorable little girls found internet fame after they appeared rapping Super Bass by Nicki Minaj on The Ellen Show back in 2011.


The girls won everyone’s hearts with their amazing pink tutus and rapping skills and they even got to meet Nicki Minaj herself much to both parties’ delight.


The cousins had distinctly different personalities, with Sophia being the louder and more boisterous one while Rosie was a lot shyer.


We can’t quite believe it but the girls are now teenagers, Sophia is about to turn 14 and Rosie is 13.



Sophia recently appeared on Loose Women, explaining that her days of pink tutus are now behind her.


“There's no more tutu. I think it looks pretty but I'm 14 in April, so I guess I'm a bit old now”, she told the panel.

The teen told her co-hosts that despite her bubbly personality, she was nervous about appearing on Ellen.


“I was really excited when I met Nicki Minaj but I was pretty nervous when I first went on the Ellen show”, Sophia explained.


Sophia is now hoping to make a career out of singing and has released an EP and her own album Hollywood also.



Going live today from 12:30 @loosewomen on @itv 

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When Nadia Sawalha asked if her new lifestyle had an impact on her making friends, Sophia explained: ‘Well that’s the thing, I only have three or four really good friends but I’d rather have three really good friends than loads of just like friends.”


Sophia also said her dad runs her social media and she still has to help out with chores at home.


The sassy 13-year-old once again demonstrated her rapping skills again by covering Stormzy’s “Big for your Boots”.


Meanwhile, quieter cousin Rosie who won viewers over her with her shy personality, seems to have come out of her shell.


She now has her own YouTube channel, I am Rosie.



Rosie told fans she’s been working on her piano lessons and also studying Spanish.


“I took my prep test in piano, and I passed and I'm really excited about that”, she revealed.

Rosie also said she’s been doing gymnastics and pursuing her passion for singing as well.


She ended the video asking viewers to let her know if they wanted to hear her singing.


We can’t believe these little ones are so grown-up and becoming social media stars– where does time go?