A new app has been launched to help mothers combat boredom, loneliness and depression. The app is called Mush (Mums' Social Hub) and already had over 150,000 users across the UK.


Similar to Tinder, Mush is a location-based app where mothers can message each other in the area to arrange playdates and meet up for a few chats.


When on the hunt for new friends, you can view their photos as well as their children’s ages and their interests (tags include: wine lover and caffeine lover). 


The app also provides advice to mums, like how to get your little ones to sleep and how to arrange a birthday party.


Mush was set up by mums Sarah Hesz and Kate Massie Taylor. The two mums first met in a London playground where they let their children play. The two hit it off straight away and looked forward to each meeting.


“I went up to Katie and asked for her number. It’s not the sort of thing I normally do, but I was really lonely. I hadn’t had an adult conversation all day, and you need mum-friends around to get you through those long days when you have young kids,” Sarah explained to The Evening Standard.


“It’s not as easy as it should be in this day and age to make those important friendships.”



Sarah and Katie would meet up with their newborns, finally be able to exchange an adult conversation. They say this kept them sane through some dark and difficult times, and their company was invaluable to each other. They figured that many other mums would be facing the same difficulty and decided to set the app in motion.


They conducted their own research, on 4,000 mothers who revealed the different struggles they experience as a mother.


According to their research, 60 percent of mums go for days without any adult interaction. 75 percent of mums say other mums understand their difficulties better than their partners.


Meanwhile, 50 percent of stay-at-home mums who used the app admitted that they went to shopping centres purely for some adult interaction.


The app is also aimed at helping mothers with post-natal depression and other mental health issues, and many users attested to this. Mush is now being endorsed by the mental health charity, Heads Together. Patrons of this charity include Prince Harry and Kate Middleton.


Mush is available to download for free on Google Play and the Android Store.