It can be very difficult as parent to instil a positive outlook when it comes to your own teen’s body image. However, in a world where teenagers are constantly surrounded by the “perfect body” image, it’s especially important for them to love their body no matter their shape or size.
Good role model
Even though you may think everything you say to your teen probably goes over their head, you may actually have more of an effect on their own body image outlook than you think. So if you are constantly focusing on your own body flaws, your teen will also learn to do the same. So the best way to ensure your teen has a healthy outlook when it comes to their body is to start creating a healthy body image for yourself as well.
Positive outlook
Never criticise your teen’s body image even if he or she may have some weight issues. There are other ways to discuss weight gain instead of using negative remarks. Focusing on your child’s weight will only make him or her even more insecure about their own body and will only create more problems in the long run.
Media and the reality
It is extremely important that your teen is aware that what they may see on screen or in magazines is not what these people look like in real life. It is not something that just affects girls but boys too. There are many ways for you to highlight to your teen that the “perfect body” that many of these celebrities seem to have are not real at all. Help your teen to realise that many of the images portrayed in the media are often photo shopped and the celebrities who are constantly promoting unrealistic standards of beauty often have a team of stylists and fitness trainers right  behind them.
Appearance is not everything
This maybe the most difficult message to convey to your teen but it is still the most important one for your teen to have. Your teen needs to realise that they have other positive attributes that not only include their looks. Focus on talents and skills that have nothing to do with your teen’s appearance and acknowledge their likeable traits; what makes them popular with their friends but also what you personally love about your son and daughter.