What is Dyslexia? Dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty which makes it hard for some people to learn to read, write and spell correctly.
Many parents are often quite surprised to discover that their son and daughter has dyslexia, especially if they’ve had done previously well in primary school. But many learning difficulties for teens usually arise, when they are unable to cope with the greater demands that secondary school brings.
It is nothing to worry about, as nowadays, there are so many supports to help your child when it comes to their education. If anything it shows that your teen is actually quite intelligent, they just have to learn things in a different way.
But it still can be very upsetting for your teen to have Dyslexia as often they can feel excluded from their classmates. It is also can be very frustrating for them, as despite the time and effort they are putting in to their academic work, they are still not doing well in school.
However, what many parents and students are unaware of, that it is not something that they’re child has to put up with and that there are many resources available to help when it comes to their education.
The most important step is to address whether or not your child's learning difficulties could be Dyslexia.
If you suspect that your teen might have Dyslexia but aren’t entirely sure, here are the most common signs:
Your child may have to constantly reread material in order to understand it.
They have difficulty in keeping track of homework assignments and deadlines for various classes.
They have difficulty when it comes to learning foreign languages and they are struggling with math.
They can have difficulties listening in a noisy classroom or find it difficult to focus.
Dyslexia can vary with every child but those are the most common signs.
After discussing with your teen what you think maybe occurring, the next step is to approach their school and see what resources they have available. Every school will have various options and supports for your child and often will let your son or daughter pick what will make their learning experience easier.
But most importantly make sure your teen is aware that Dyslexia is nothing to be ashamed of and with help and support it is something that can be easily overcome.