Rebellion is a natural stage of growing up but, it takes on entirely different form when it comes to the teenage years. Whether it’s your teen’s new dietary requirements, complete physical transformation and more often or not, their personality transformation – teen rebellion is not easy. Here are the reasons behind the rebellious teen years and how to handle them:
Being a teenager can be a confusing time for many reasons, from all the changes that are occurring both emotionally and physically. Your teen is unsure of who they are right now, and more importantly who they're supposed to be during this transition. So it’s only natural that your child will try and find an identity of their own, and can often do this through rebellion.
They may be getting older but that doesn’t mean, that they still don’t need your full attention. It’s easy sometimes to become wrapped up in our schedules that we can forget, that our teen might be in need of some attention too. Sometimes teens act to get attention, even if it’s negative.
Peer pressure
Usually the most common trait associated with teen rebellion. Peer pressure can cause teens to do numerous things which you may disapprove of, but also can be harmful to them in many ways. Majority of teenagers find it extremely important to belong to a group of friends that appreciate and respect them, and so will have no problem rebelling to become a part of these groups.
Practice honest communication
While rebellious behaviour from your teen is inevitable, there are ways to deal with it and maybe, even overcome it. Sometimes all it takes is having an honest conversation with your teen. Express your concerns with your teen and take the time to listen to their worries. Keeping an open and clear line of communication is important.
While honesty and trust is important, so are boundaries. Explain your needs and wants as a parent are and co-create an agreement for such things as curfew, school, and help around the house.
Self-esteem is important to nurture during the teenage years. Each person is unique; make certain that your teen is aware of their talents, abilities and intellectual capabilities.