Your child will go through many phases in their teen years, especially when it comes to their style. While you will probably argue a great deal with your teen about their clothing choices, it’s best to let them go ahead with their own fashion faux pas. Here are some great tips on how you can help your teen find their own sense of style:
Experiment with style
Teen years is usually a time of fashion experimentation and your child will go through many styles - majority of which you will not agree with. While the reasons behind your teen’s fashion choices can vary from conforming with their peers to trying to express their individuality - they are phases that will pass quickly. So while you may not agree with everything they’re wearing, its ok to let them experiment a little bit.
Fashion mistakes
While we may cringe at our own past style mistakes, we understand it was the style at the time and a rite of passage for everyone, and for your teen it will be no exception. We can advise our teen’s fashion choices, but at the end of the day, it’s best to let them learn their own fashion mistakes. That way they will discover what style they like but also what clothes can suit their figure.
Encourage independence
The teen years are often the most stressful years and your child will be surrounded by constant pressures including those from their peers. So if they are willing to be a little unique when it comes to their style, make sure that you encourage this. The teenage years are the perfect time for fashion experimentation, so it’s important that you encourage your child’s individuality and independence especially through their style.
Try not to lecture
Easier said than done, especially if you think some of those outfits are little too revealing or eccentric for your teen. But remember to take a deep breath and try to see it from their perspective. There's a good chance your teen is experimenting with fashion to try and find an individuality for themselves. It’s important to keep mind that your teen will also usually do the opposite of what you say. So the more you forbid them from wearing something, the more likely they are going to do it anyway.