10 fun family activities that will bring everyone together after busy days

These days, it’s understandable if you feel a little bit disconnected from your immediate family.

Between the hectic schedules of work, school and extracurricular activities, sometimes we can feel like passing ships in the night. 

However, all is not lost! There are many things that you can do to help bring your family together during busy periods, to ensure that those loving bonds stay strong.

We have cultivated a list of 10 fabulously fun family activities that you can suggest to your kids, when you all have some free time. 

Whether they are still youngsters or are in the thick of teenage-hood, we guarantee that these ideas will pique everyone’s interests. Have a look below:

1. Board games

Who doesn’t love a game night? Dig into your cupboard and bring out all of the old classics - Monopoly, Twister, Cluedo, Operation, there’s so many to choose from! Just don’t let it get too heated and competitive…

2. Time in the kitchen

For many families, the kitchen is the ideal place to create a bit of bonding time. So, allow your children to help you create something tasty and delicious. Whether it be some fresh morning pancakes, an afternoon sweet treat, or that evening’s dinner, your mini-chefs will love helping you prepare the meal and it will give them a sense of importance.

3. Karaoke night

Even if you don’t have the greatest of singing voices, a karaoke night can be a fantastic bonding experience for yourself and the little ones. Make sure to sing out loud!

4. Walk

It sounds simple, but nothing beats going for a lengthy family walk. If you’re lucky enough, you can take advantage of local parks and scenery, or you can go on a little road trip and find your nearest walking trail. Regardless of where you decide to go, a walk will give you and your family some time to catch up on each other’s lives - as well as giving you a bit of exercise!

5. Museum

Have a look at what museums are nearby, and see if any of them would tickle your fancy. Even if the subject matter doesn’t necessarily appeal to everyone, the kids will be thrilled to go on a day out and learn something new with you. Then, at the end of your trip, there’s always the gift shop or the museum café!

6. Bowling

Bowling is an amazing family activity, and it’s perfect for all ages. Enjoy coming up with funny nicknames for each other on the scoreboard, teasing any adults who choose to have the bumpers up for their game, and let the chaos commence. We hope you get a few strikes!

7. Picnic

Of course, this mostly depends on the weather, but a wholesome family picnic might just be the perfect way to bring you and the kids closer together. Pack lots of tasty treats for everyone, and make sure you choose a beautiful location for everyone to enjoy. Alternatively, if you have your heart set on a picnic but the weather isn’t on your side, then you could always turn your plans into an indoor picnic!

8. Sports game

Bring out the kids’ competitive sides with a good old-fashioned sporting match! Whether it be a game of football, basketball, tennis or rounders, the little ones will love teaming up with you and getting to show off their talents. 

9. Movie night

Everybody loves a good film, so why not have a movie night? Make some popcorn in the microwave, set up a cozy setting with pillows and blankets, and decide on the ideal film of your choosing. Family favourites such as Shrek, Toy Story and Harry Potter would be great movies to suggest!

10. Treasure hunt

Who says you can only have a treasure hunt at Easter? These can be incredibly fun for the whole family to take part in, and you can get as creative as you like. Indoors or outdoors, at home or away, individual players or teams, the choice of prizes - it’s all up to you!