We mums try to make the festive season perfect, but things rarely go according to plan - the turkey burns, the cat destroys the tree, Dad is caught eating Santa's mince pies or Granny says something incredibly offensive!


So in the spirit of the season, we asked our MummyPages mums what their biggest Christmas disaster was, and this is what they said:


1. "My first Christmas cooking for everyone in my family in my new home I decided to be extra organised and cook the ham on Christmas Eve. Two hours later it still looked pale couldn't work out why. Turned out I boiled the bone and rolled Turkey instead of the ham!!!! Have never lived it down" [sic]


2. "The turkey expanded in the oven, it was huge, and Daddy had to take the door off the oven to get it out..." [sic]


3. "My mother in law stuffed the turkey, went to the friends house for drinks, came home and went to check it and baste it, and found she had left a tea towel in the turkey as she had used it to wipe it out ,before putting the stuffing in, thank god no fire happened but turkey was dried out not good" [sic]


4. "I burned the Brussel's sprouts last year. They were in a pot of water. Water."


5. "A few years ago my mam used a magic turkey bag. She stuffed the turkey and shoved it in the bag in the oven. She looked in after an hour and the stuffing was floating in the juice so in a panic she grabbed the oven gloves and grabbed the dish. The bag the turkey was in got caught and burst. The turkey took off in every direction. When me and my dad ran in to help we slipped and fell on the grease. My mam picked up what turkey she could find, washed it and put it away for the next day."


6. "My mother cooked the turkey one Christmas Eve and let it out to cool before we went visiting. Someone had left a window open in the kitchen and when we got back there were 2 cats sitting either side of it eating away happy out!! Can't remember what we ate instead but my mam has never liked cats since!!"[sic]


7. "I was making potato gratin, for Xmas dinner, I'd put the cream, minced garlic mixture into a milk carton and left it in the fridge until the next day, when I'd pour it over the potato sliced... During the night, my daughter went into the kitchen, thirsty, and took a big swig out of the carton!! Not only did she get caught for sneaky swigging but she also got a mighty big mouthful of garlicky cream!!" [sic]


8. "First Christmas cooking dinner ..the turkey had a funny taste and smell couldn't eat it, I had never taken out the plastic bag with giblets inside.." [sic]


9. "Christmas Day four years ago 12 days after my 3rd child was born I went to start making the dinner and bang! Cooker blew and broke no dinner! Beans on toast for Christmas Day" [sic]


10. "Two years ago I cooked for the parents and my dad moaned about everything. Got to the point where he tried to take over and broke my kettle resulting in him having to pay taxi fares to go get theirs and him having to replace it. Best thing is two days later I fixed it never told them though and kept their new one lol xx" [sic]


Could have been worse though, this could have happened...