There is nothing like a tween – not quite a teen but not longer a child. And no matter how much we may love them, we promise we do, they can say and do some things things that literally drive us crazy.
No doubt most of our mums with pre-teens can relate to these ten things:
Constantly asking for money
We only just gave them our last tenner to buy that top and now they want to go to the cinema. It’s like they think we’re a bank with an endless cash supply
Slamming doors
Oh, our poor doors. If they do it one more time they are going to break the wall or the door. Either way it’ll be coming out of their allowance.
Storming off
This one really riles us up. It’s like they do it just to make the argument go on for longer. No matter how much you insist you are not chasing after them, it just never seems to go to plan.
Getting into a huff
Again, another one that really, really annoys us.  
Not listening
There is nothing worse than having to repeat yourselves over and over again only for them to roll their eyes and say ‘I heard you the first time’.
Rolling their eyes
See above.
Having an attitude
It’s good to be confident we know but when their attitude has them saying ‘whatever’, ‘ugh, I know’ and ‘it’s my life’ it’s just pushing things a bit too far.
Having a floordrobe
It seems throwing clothes all over the floor is their way of cleaning. Hmmm, must try it.
Make-up everywhere
You thought you had more time before your bathroom started to look like the dressing room of an X Factor contest. It’s time to invest in black hand towels.
Not giving us a kiss goodbye
We thought we’d get another few more years before giving us a kiss goodbye was not longer accepted. All we want to do is hug and hold them forever, sure what’s wrong with that?
Don’t worry though you only have about ten more years of this.