Everyone loves a good compliment, and when it comes to boosting your child’s self-esteem, positive words can go a long, long way.


However, we don’t mean a compliment directed at their appearance – we don’t want kids thinking that they need to look a certain way in order to be worthy of an encouraging comment.


Instead, focus on the positive things in life like an acknowledgement that they are doing well in school or are being particularly kind – kids love when Mum tells them they are doing a good job.


1. You were so kind to your friend today


2. You’re very funny


3. I am very lucky to be your mummy


4. You were very helpful with the shopping today


5. Your writing has improved so much


6. You were very generous sharing your sweets


7. You were very brave when you climbed to the top of the slide


8. You figured out how to do that maths problem very quickly


9. Your drawing is very creative


10. You make me so happy


11. You have some really good ideas


12. You’re very good at reading


13. That dance move that you did was awesome


14. You were very polite when you asked for that sweet


15. You have the happiest laugh


16. You are such a great student at school


17. You were very helpful to your little sister earlier


18. Once you put your mind to something there is not stopping you



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