The battle of the broccoli. The tussle over the turnips. The clash over the cucumber. Call it what you like, but trying to get our kids to get in their five-a-day can honestly be such a struggle.


If you find it tough to get your kids to eat plenty of fruit and veg, you're not alone. According to a poll of 2,000 parents with kids under the age of 10, three out of four mums and dads say they have a difficult time getting their kids to munch on greens.


It's gotten so tough for some that they've admitted defeat in the face of their kids' mealtime stubbornness. 41 percent of parents admitted they've given up attempting to get their kids to eat vegetables because they're more focused on ensuring their kids eat their dinners.


Considering the how much childhood obesity has risen as a prominent issue in kids' health, these numbers prove concerning.



Parents' moods come into play, too, when it comes to mealtime, with one in five abandoning trying to get their kids to eat greens because they were too exhausted or were in a hurry.


And the research, commissioned by home appliance manufacturer Beko, surprisingly found that 5 percent of parents think it's not that important for their kids to have veg every day.


Many parents have become quite creative in their endeavours to ensure their children consume enough fruit and veg, though. Six in 10 parents admit to tricking their kids into getting their greens in, by either hiding them in other foods or offering a bribe, Closer reports.



As well, 85 percent of the survey's participants say they explain the importance of a healthy diet to their kids (but only half think their words actually have any effect).


This perennial struggle to get children to eat veg means that, for one in 10 parents, fresh food goes off in their household before their youngsters have a chance to eat it.


Kids aren't alone in their aversion to vegetables, either. Parents themselves also struggle to make sure they're getting enough greens in their diet, and on average only get three of their five portions of fruit and veg a day.


Well, after learning all of this we definitely feel the need to lead by example and munch on a few carrots!