The man behind the Kildare-based Dublin Husky Rescue Centre, Andy Cullen, is facing a mammoth task as his already full centre now has to make room for an extra 20 females.


The centre in Friarstown has been in existence since November 2014, but already it is facing a crisis as they try to deal with the sheer volume of animals coming in.



Currently there are 47 dogs being cared for - 26 of which are huskies - but Andy now has to cater for an extra 20 after a breeder was ordered to surrender them.


“This evening we took five more dogs and some were in a bad state, very skinny,” he told the Leinster Leader.


“It’s getting to the stage where it is affecting us, but we just have to focus and come through for the dogs.”



Each dog in the centre needs to be fed twice a day, and to keep feeding time trouble-free Andy, his partner Joanne Meade and volunteers Catherine Woods and Catherine Doyle can only feed them in threes.


“That’s almost 100 meals, it’s huge.”



Andy is doing it for the dogs, but it is a tough job and he needs help; support can be given in the way of food vouchers bought at Maxi Zoo or by donating building materials to help create more pens.


If you are not in the position to help financially you can donate your time, foster or even adopt a dog from the centre.



For more information, you can click here or phone 058 7619031.


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