Breakfast time is a busy one in any household, and quite often you might find yourself neglecting your own needs to ensure that the rest of the family is ready to take on the day. Well, we’re here to remind you of the power of that first meal of the day, and why you should ALWAYS make a little time for yourself.


A simple but nutritious breakfast of porridge really can set you up for the day – here are just five benefits that a little bowl can bring.


It keeps you energised

Porridge is packed with complex carbohydrates, which are slowly digested by your system throughout the day. This fuels your body for longer, keeping you energised and productive right up until lunchtime – perfect for busy mums on the go.


It keeps you regular

Porridge contains high levels of fibre, which is essential for regulating your digestive system and bowel movements. Keeping your system ticking over throughout the day will prevent you from feeling sluggish and uncomfortable as you go about your business.


It’s great for your skin

Many popular skincare brands, such as Aveeno, use oats as an active natural ingredient in their products; this is because oats work as an anti-inflammatory, which soothes the skin. If you suffer from skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, a bowl of porridge each morning could be just the thing.


It’s a proven hangover cure

It may not seem like the most appetising breakfast after a night out, but a bowl of porridge is an ideal option if you’re feeling a bit peaky. Porridge re-stocks those essential nutrients and vitamins you have lost after a drinking session – especially those B vitamins needed to regulate your liver and cleanse the system of those nasty toxins.


It lowers your cholesterol

Anyone who has high cholesterol will know how hard it can be to keep those levels down, but a bowl of porridge is the first step in the daily battle. Porridge contains high levels of soluble fibre, which has been proven to lower blood cholesterol.