Parents don’t just have the responsibility of ensuring their children get the right education, are fed, watered and safe at all times, they also need to ensure they are healthy.
Why not work towards a healthy family lifestyle together.
Set goals
Make a family goal, whether it is to take part in a running event by the end of the year, stop eating junk food or to start a new sport. Obviously with younger children this might include setting a goal to go to discover as many new walking routes as possible. Whatever it is, write it on a large sheet of paper and hang it where everyone is likely to see it.
Introduce new foods to your diet
Each week introduce a new fruit, vegetable or grain to your family diet. Try new recipes including gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan. A varied diet will mean eating healthy won’t seem boring or bland. Get everyone involved by having a family member pick a recipe or new food to try that week. This will make dinnertime a lot more exciting and will encourage younger children to try more foods, especially if you are all trying together.
Do a family activity each month
Each month, organise a family day out. Keeping with the healthy theme, organise a bike ride, hike, walk or trek. For the days when it is raining or miserable outside go swimming, play bowling or even have a go at laser tag – anything that gets everyone up and moving.
Cut down on one unhealthy food each month
Whether your weakness is for crisps, chocolate or sweets now is the time to cut it out. Rather than going cold turkey gradually reduce your consumption. For children, design a reward chart and each day they don’t have that particular item of food give them a tick with and an incentive to get lots of ticks.
Walk to school
If possible, walk to school or at least park further away than you normally would. Getting those extra couple of steps in in the morning will set you up for a good day and will also keep you on track for your healthy family lifestyle.