With kids to look after, a house to clean, a job to go to and a million other things that need to be done right now, it is not surprising quality time with your other half can suffer.
However, enjoying a happy marriage needn’t be a chore and it is easy enough to ensure you both feel secure and are happy in your relationship.
Complain constructively
Being happily married does not mean you never complain about your other half’s dirty washing or their inability to stack the dishwasher correctly. It simply means you complain constructively. If they never put the clothes on the line properly, politely suggest they do it a certain way – moaning and attacking them will just end up in an unnecessary argument.
Talk to each other
It is not healthy to bottle up emotions or grievances, they will eventually just erupt in an explosion of arguments aimed at your unsuspecting other half. Don’t ignore big issues and if you are concerned about something talk to your partner.
Offer each other support
Listen to each other and when needed offer support, a shoulder to cry on or a listening ear for them to vent frustration. You don’t need to offer advice or suggestions as to what they can do to make things better - this can often end in an argument - but knowing that they have someone at home who will listen to them without judgement is vital.
Say ‘I love you’
As the years go by and you start to settle into a routine, telling your significant other that you love them can often be replaced by asking them to do something. Make a point of telling them that you love them, try in the morning before you go your separate ways or in the evening when you both come home.
Make time for each other
It’s tough, we know, trying to fit in time with your other half but it is important you do. Go for a walk in the park, watch a movie or simply switch off the TV and enjoy a cup of tea together. You don’t need extravagant date nights to spend time with your partner.