Grandmothers are full of wisdom, aren't they?


They can, however, also put the fear of God into us when it comes to some of the advice they like to dish out - anyone else ever told that if they slept with wet hair it'd turn white...?


Whether you are lucky to have your granny with you still or have fond memories from childhood, you are bound to have heard one or two strange bits of advice from them. 


We asked MummyPages mums to share their stories with us, and this is what they said: 


1. Claire O Driscoll: "When I was young I used to have a habit of looking down at my nose when talking... One day my nan said to me: 'If you keep looking down at your nose and the wind changes direction your eyes will stay like that forever...' By God I never did it again!"


2. Linda Walters: "My nana used to say: 'If you pick flowers from a graveyard that you would get haunted that night'."



3. Sandra Matthews: "A shut mouth says a lot, my Nana Gallagher used to say."


4. Lisa Brinson Phillips: "Vinegar on cuts and salt on wounds - no TCP or plasters for me."



5. Claire Harris: "I got butterballs from my Gran when I was sick - balls of margarine in vinegar and coated in sugar."


6. Emma Leese: "My Gran once gave me butter cubes covered in sugar when I had a cough?? Lol."


7. Shelly Dickinson: "Bicarbonate of soda in the bath sorts everything out! Oh and buttercup syrup for a cough."


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