7 adorable ways to include your children on your wedding day

If you’re planning your wedding day, including your children in your ceremony is a special way to make the celebration even more meaningful. 

There are many ways to get your little ones involved in your big day regardless of how old they are. 

We’ve come up with 7 adorable ways to make sure your children get to be included on your wedding day so you all have special memories together.

Ring bearer

If your child is younger, having them bring your wedding rings up the aisle before you have your special moment is a traditional way to have them included in the ceremony.

Flower girl/boy

Another great one for your younger son or daughter. Have them scatter flower petals before you walk down the aisle so they have their own moment during the service.  

Walking you down the aisle

Normally brides have their dads give them away on their wedding day, but a beautifully touching way to get your children involved is to have them walk you down the aisle instead. Perfect for older children or teenagers in particular, having your little ones walk you down the aisle to your partner will guarantee there won’t be a dry eye in the room!

Family photos 

Of course everybody knows how important it is to get photos taken on your special day, with an emphasis on solo shots of just the bride and groom. But ensuring your children are in plenty of the snaps will be a lovely memory to look back on. It’s also great to allow the children to get pictures on their own so they remember they had an important role on your big day.


Speaking about your children in your vows is a moving way to include them on your day. Whether you have a blended family or not, making sure all the little ones are mentioned as being an important part of you and your partners’ relationship will mean the world to them.


If you have older children or teenagers, asking them to make a speech at your wedding reception will be a very special moment for your family. They can reflect on funny moments from the past and open up about their hopes for the future now that your family is connected through marriage. 

Family dance

First dances are always a meaningful moment for newlyweds, so having a ‘first family dance’ with your partner and children is a wonderful way to start off the night of celebrations.