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Childhood obesity is, unfortunately, an increasing problem in our society, and of special concern to us as parents. In fact, a recent report on childhood obesity in Ireland found that one in four Irish kids is obese, and there is a 70 percent likelihood they will remain so when they become an adult.


Jamie Oliver wants to put a stop to one of the factors that contribute to childhood obesity and other health issues: junk food advertising.


You've seen them everywhere: popping up on our mobiles, appearing before one of the tablet games your child loves playing, slapped up on the bus stop you pick them up from every day.


"Now, if you've had enough of the bombardment in the targeting of junk food advertising to British kids, then you can get involved now. And I really need your help," the father-of-five said in a video he shared on Sunday.



He says the UK government are on the 'brink' of protecting kids from the advertising that permeates every aspect of their life, from smartphones to billboards.


The TV chef is also calling for a watershed of 9pm for junk food ads on TV.


However, parents' help in the form of a social media campaign will help raise awareness of how many people have #AdEnough. And while he is calling on the UK government and speaking on the behalf of British kids, it is certainly an issue that hits close to home for us, too.


In order to join the campaign, Jamie says you simply take a selfie with your eyes covered, upload it along with the campaign's hashtag #AdEnough, and share it (and even tag some public figures if you feel like it).


A number of parents and other concerned Twitter users have already shared their own #AdEnough selfies - including some celebs!







We are heartened seeing so many people support this cause and hope that the campaign results in meaningful change.


What do you think of the #AdEnough campaign? Do you feel like your kids see too many junk food ads?