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As a new mum, how can I make sure to stay calm?

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Without a doubt, the single greatest problem that most new mums face on a daily basis is how to keep calm and not lose their sanity. Some ideas that may help on those days when the going gets tough:

•    Hire a child-minder on a weekly basis, even if it’s only for a few hours.
•    Keep earplugs in the car for when you are stuck in traffic and the baby is crying. You will still be able to hear them.., just not as loud.
•    Take some time out and listen to some mellow music when you have reached your limit.
•    Occupy baby with some television.
•    Make sure you get enough sleep. And your baby too. If they get the sleep they need, they will be less irritable.
•    Make sure you and baby are getting enough to eat, and frequently enough to prevent irritability through hunger.

Remember to ask for help when you feel you need it, and vent your frustrations appropriately.
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