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I'm nervous about returning to work. How should I handle these nerves?

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It’s normal to feel nervous, conflicted, guilty, and worried about leaving your baby in the care of a stranger. It’s also normal to change your mind. You probably made the decision to go back to work before you held that little bundle of joy in your arms.

The financial implications of working verses staying at home loom large for most new parents. You also need to consider your marriage, your support network (family, friends, and co-workers), your career path, your personality and needs. Does your partner want you to be a stay at home mum or work? Is he prepared to carry the additional financial burden? Will you chafe at the division of labour? Think hard about that one. Do you have parents, other family members or friends nearby who can help with baby care? If you stay home now, will you want to return to your career at some point in the future?

It’s a lot to contemplate. Whether you return to work or stay home with your baby, it’s not an irreversible decision.
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