They’re one of the hottest toys around, and they’re in high demand this Christmas, but proceed with care if you’re considering purchasing a Hoverboard for your precious little one over the coming weeks.


This is the message being sent out by authorities this weekend, following a chain of terrifying incidents involving the high-tech gadgets.


According to reports, Hoverboards and swegways have been physically blowing up after use by children and teens.


Now, authorities have urged parents to be extremely careful when purchasing one of these gadgets as a Christmas present, as a cheap copy of a more expensive model could end up seriously injuring your child.



Given that these products are selling for a few hundred euro, parents have been keen to invest in cheaper models in a bid to save money. However, with faulty plugs and bad instructions leading to explosions and injuries, it seems that quality should be the priority here.


A number of families have gone public with their first-hand accounts of the dangers of Hoverboards and swegways, and in some cases entire houses have been burned down.


Now, with demand high for these trendy new gadgets, the key message being sent out is to be vigilant when purchasing. Always check for appropriate safety and quality marks, and be sure there are detailed instructions and safety manuals included.