We all miss our kids when we have to go away without them and we know they miss us too.

To a little kid, a couple of days without seeing a parent can seem like an eternity.


And for a parent who is required to travel for work, it can be hard to say goodbye to your kids on a regular basis.


You worry that you’re missing out on important events and hope it won’t impact on your child too much.


If you’ve ever had to leave your family for a few days, this story will definitely tug at your heartstrings.



This heartwarming story of how a little girl left her dad a surprise in his suitcase will put a big smile on your face.


Dad-of-four Mark Dauter had to go to New York for a business trip.


He unpacked his suitcase to find a Dumbo Tsum-Tsum toy belonging to his nine-year-old daughter Tate, waiting for him.


And if that wasn’t cute enough, Tate had also wrote him a sweet handwritten note.


It read: “Dear Daddy, You can use Dumbo. I love you, good morning, goodnight, sweet dreams. I love you to the moon and back."


How sweet was that?



Mark has four daughters, the oldest is 22 but Tate is his youngest.


He says Tate is a very smart girl, she is only in fourth grade but reads at sixth grade level.


Tate finished her cute note with a request for a “suvaneir”.


We think Dad definitely needed to oblige her request after such a cute surprise.


She signed off the note, saying: “Love, Tatertot.” What an adorable nickname!


Joys of Parenting - Found in Suitcase on a Business Trip from pics


The delighted dad posted the note to Reddit and it subsequently went viral.


 The cute photo warmed the hearts of many Redditors, receiving more than 66.8K upvotes and 1,761 comments.


Mark told Babble that when he first discovered the Dumbo Tsum-Tsum toy and note, he was “touched with tears.”


 We would be too! And of course — he fulfilled his daughter’s request, getting her an “I Heart NY” stuffed bear and some candy.


Dumbo made it home safely from his New York adventure, no doubt he enjoyed his stay in the big city!


We love it when our kids give us cute surprises, have your kids ever done something like this?


Let us know mums.