We’ve heard many celebrities talking about their experiences with mental health issues and depression recently.


Even the young royals, Prince William, Prince Harry and Kate Middleton have talked about what is often a difficult and painful subject for many to discuss.


But the latest voice to add her thoughts to the topic comes from a somewhat more unexpected but equally relevant icon, Barbie.


Barbie posted a vlog called “Feeling Blue? You’re Not Alone” to her YouTube channel explaining that she’d woken up feeling blue and she couldn’t figure out why.



The much-loved doll went on to list things which made her feel better, talking to someone, exercising, organising her room and even laughing meditation.


However, she added that sometimes despite trying these methods she still “feels blue” and adds that she feels “guilty” because she is known for her upbeat positive persona.


Barbie then reflected that perhaps she is being “unfair on herself” and conceded that she “doesn’t always have to be positive.” She reassured viewers that they “are not alone” and that “everyone has felt the way you feel at some point.”


What’s really interesting about Barbie’s video is that it’s one the few mental health campaigns that kids can relate to.


With mental health problems becoming increasingly common in young kids, it’s important to have an accessible figure speaking about mental health in simple terms.



Although she doesn’t specifically use the terms depression or mental health, instead saying she feels “blue”, the simple terminology is more appealing to young children who may not fully understand the concept of depression.Some children may also find the term “depression” quite scary.


More importantly, the video talks about dealing with feelings of sadness before they become a major problem.


For years Barbie has been held up as an idealised form of “perfection” from her body shape, her hair and her boyfriend. In previous incarnations, Barbie’s life revolved around fashion, her social life and her boyfriend Ken but she’s had a millennial makeover and is now a more well-rounded character.


For Barbie to speak about a topic which was once considered completely taboo is a great way of promoting understanding and tolerance.


Barbie’s inspirational video has had over five million views on the Facebook page Superficial and over 500,000 on her own channel. It seems like her message is resonating with many people.



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