Sleep, we hated it when we were kids and now it’s a joy to hop into a nice bed at the end of a busy day.


So what do you do if your night’s sleep isn’t giving you what you need? 


You wake up multiple times during the night, your alarm seems to ring far too soon and you go to work feeling tired and stressed.



Not a good start to your day.


Well we have some simple habits to incorporate into your routine that will make you get so much more from your sleep.


Bedroom basics


Obviously the actually bed you sleep in is crucial.


From the mattress to the duvet to the pillows, it all needs to work for you.


Don’t just run out and buy the first duvet you see, think about your needs and buy accordingly, it will make it your most prised bedroom possession.




Deep-sleep darkness


Blackout blinds, you have no idea how amazing it is to roll these bad boys down at the end of the day before hopping into bed.


It makes a HUGE difference and is definitely worth the extra investment.


It also means if you have an early start and head to bed early or are just trying to get more than your eight hours you won’t be kept awake by evening light.


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Power off


We know it’s all well in theory but get rid of electronics.


Laptops, tablets and televisions have no place in the bedroom and cause you to lose a lot of sleep.



Develop a routine


About 20 to 30 minutes before you want to get into bed start your bedtime routine.


Picking out your clothes for the next day, prepping the next day’s lunch, looking after your skin-care, and having one last look at your social media feeds can mean for a much more relaxing sleep as you’re not worrying about all the things you forgot to do and have to do in the morning.


It also will save you time in the morning meaning no rush and maybe an extra 15 minutes in bed. WIN!


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Write it down


A lot of ideas, plans, things you need to do/buy will come to mind in those first few minutes of being in bed and it can keep you awake because of over thinking.


Keep a pen and a little notepad by your bed and if anything pops to mind just jot in down.


It will stop you tossing and turning thinking about it and you can get back to shutting down.



Out of sight, out of mind


If you’re an alarm clock kind of person then don’t have it right by the bed.


The bright lights of the clock can stimulate the mind and keep you awake put it somewhere that isn’t in your line of vision from the pillow or just point it away from you.


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Alarm bells


Don’t pick an alarm that’s scary and jarring if at all possible.


Now if you’re a heavy sleeper and need it, fair enough but if something softer and gentler will do the same job, make the switch.


It will save you the mild panic attack the buzzer gives you every morning.




This simple advice can make for a much better sleep. One that will have you waking up feeling ready, positive and well-rested for the day ahead.


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