15-year-olds will be making more and more of their own decisions. However, parents of a 15-year-old should continue to keep the lines of communication open. They should learn to compromise when it comes to setting up the rules but be firm once they are set.
 Diet and Nutrition
A 15-year-old teen is starting to spend more and more time with their friends and as a result can begin to develop new eating habits. This could mean that your teen is eating way too much fast food or it could mean they suddenly decide they are a vegetarian.Teens will make their own decisions about the food they eat; this means we have to allow them to make their own mistakes. However, parents still have an input into how their teens eat. Give teens a daily vitamin, stock plenty of healthy food in the house and limit the amount of time they are allowed to eat out in a week.
A 15-year-old teen will have more homework and study to do in school then previous years. They will also have an active social life and lots of energy. They will hate going to bed and won’t want to get up in the morning.
Parents should try to keep an eye on their teen's sleeping habits and talk to them about keeping a healthy sleep schedule. Try to ensure your teen understands how important sleep is to their health.
15-year-old teens need a healthy fitness habit and exercising at school isn’t enough. Get your teen involved in healthy fitness activities by enrolling them in a dance class, getting them to take swimming classes or by joining a gym.
Dating, friendships and relationships with the opposite sex can be a source of stress at age 15. Help your teen to cope by keeping lines of communication open.
Behaviours, Responsibilities and Discipline
Curfews become important at this age. Your 15-year-old will be becoming more social and going out on their own in the evenings is standard.
Your teen will want to push the limits on curfew times, so make sure that the rules and expectations are very clear. You should know where your teen is at all times, who they are with and what time they will be back.