By now, your 16-year-old teen has gotten the lay of the land and is mapping their course with greater ease than the year before.
Diet and Nutrition
16-year-old teens are dealing with body image issues. Body image is foremost in many 16-year-old minds. Teens are so often unhappy with their bodies which  can result in eating issues and you may even find your teen dieting.Parents need to be aware of the issues your 16-year-old teen is facing. Keep talking to them about how they view their bodies and don’t allow your teen to try unhealthy diets. If she is serious about losing weight. help them learn good diet habits of eating less junk food and more fruits and vegetables and make an appointment with a GP to get tips on how to lose weight safely. 
16-year olds just don't understand the benefits of going to bed early, they want to play video games, chat to friends and surf the internet.Try to ensure that your 16-year-old sticks to a healthy sleep routine as they can easily become sleep deprived.
Now is the time to  try to get your teen involved in a sport that he enjoys. 
Your teen should be used to the pressures of secondary school by now, aside from problems with peers, his stress levels should be relatively even. It's important that your teen knows that he can speak to you about anything that may be causing him stress. 
Behaviours, Responsibilities and Discipline
Your 16-year-old teenager is old enough to get a part time job which will give him more independence. Be wary of extending your 16-year-old teen's curfew too much. Always insist that they tell you where they are going and who they are with.