Good nutrition in infancy and early childhood lays the foundations for a healthy life.


This common-sense guide, now in its fourth edition, provides reliable, practical and unbiased advice on everything from the basics of nutrition to shopping wisely, from dealing with food refusal to allergies and obesity. 


Image result for Feed Your Child Well by Therese Dunne, Phyllis Farrell and Valerie Kelly


Topics in this brilliant book include the following:


  • Breastfeeding your baby.
  • Wind, colic and common feeding problems. 
  • Fussy eating and how to handle it.
  • Weaning your baby, including sample menus.
  • Choosing the right baby formula.
  • Shopping wisely and reading labels.
  • Establishing good eating habits. 
  • Preventing obesity. 
  • Sorting fact from fashionable fallacy. 
  • Food allergy and special diets for children. 


Authors Therese Dunne, Phyllis Farrell and Valerie Kelly are specialist dieticians with many years' experience working in paediatric units and hospitals in Ireland and abroad, advising parents on all aspects of nutrition.