A 13-year-old boy has been reunited with his mum after being found behind a hidden fake wall at a house in Atlanta, Georgia. 
The boy’s father is one of five people who have reportedly been arrested including the boy’s stepmother and three juveniles. They have been charged with obstruction, false imprisonment and cruelty to children. 
The home in which the boy was located was visited by police on Friday after they received a tip-off but the boy’s father and stepmother claimed to know nothing about a missing boy. 
Following another call, they once again visited the house, where the boy who had managed to call his mum from his entrapment who then told police where exactly he was located. 
Police found the boy behind a panel in a linen closet where officers say he was “frozen with fear” but when he realised he was safe and they were here to help him he was said to be overjoyed. 
The boy went missing back in 2010 when he failed to return from a visit with his dad. It has also been reported that due to his mum's immigrant status that she reported her son missing to the child welfare, but not to police. 
Neighbours say that the boy was often outside playing with the other children and they had no idea that he was being held captive against his will. 
What an emotional reunion.