Catholic group Pure in Heart is telling students that condoms fail one in six times, after cellotaping students together to highlight the importance of remaining chaste
Youngsters who were spoken to by this Catholic group were recently introduced to another game to do with sex.
They were asked to roll a dice and then told that the number six symbolised having a baby because “condoms fail one in six times”.
In another claim, the Catholic group said that condoms kept in wallets are less effective because of the heat. 
“They said that heat makes the rubber in condoms melt, so they’re not effective when you put them in your wallet and they don’t work in Africa,” explained one student.
In another school, Pure In Heart made the students feel so bad about having sex, that one even felt like less of a person:
“Looking back now I remember how bad they made us all feel about sex,” he said. “Every time we had a sexual relationship we would somehow become lesser individuals not as ‘pure’ as those who wait for it.”
A spokesman for the Department of Education thinks that all talks delivered by visitors at schools should use “appropriate, evidence-based methodologies with clear educational outcomes” and avoid using scare tactics or sensationalist interventions.