Change your health direction with LloydsPharmacy

January is always the best time to focus on self-improvement.

With Christmas at the back of your mind, it can be the ideal month to make some wonderful changes in your life and get the bounce back in your step.

Most of these changes revolve around diet, energy, weight loss, fitness or mental health.

However, trying to find the right health advisory services to suit you on your journey can be a major challenge; here’s where LloydsPharmacy come in.

They have created a free eight-week health programme to help you in transforming your life from the inside out.

Whether you’re trying to give up smoking, concentrating on your fitness levels, looking for an energy boost or aiming to lose weight, their complimentary programme can be your guide.

Available in 91 pharmacies nationwide, this holistic approach to health transformation gives each participant the necessary assistance to achieve their goals.

Eating well, feeling good and getting that positive energy is so much easier when you have support.

For so many people, trying to alter your diet can be a challenge that seems like a mountain.

Foods impact our moods, energy and concentration levels as well as lowering the risk of diet-related illness and disorders such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

The levels of obesity are increasing in Ireland every year, so the need to make even the smallest of changes is hugely important.

Starting on January 7th 2019, the comprehensive programme will have gorgeous weekly recipes provided by nutritional therapist Elsa Jones.

The LoveLloyds blog will feature new and simple ways to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner in order to boost your health needs.

Everyone and anyone have the opportunity to visit their local LloydsPharmacy and meet one of their trained in-store health coaches who will speak to you every week about your goals.

Their in-store services include smoking control support, blood pressure and BMI checks, lifestyle and health coaching classes and even a weight management diary.

This free diary is your guardian angel - the booklet is the perfect tool in your health arsenal.

Your LloydsPharmacy coach will review your personal progress for you throughout the experience, before offering you a full report on your progress after eight weeks.

You will also receive tips to continuing your new, wholesome lifestyle.

Embracing positive changes to your lifestyle starts right here, and whatever alterations you choose to make, LloydsPharmacy will be there to support you.

Change your health direction and start the journey towards lifelong holistic benefits.

For more information on your January journey, visit the LloydsPharmacy website.

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At LloydsPharmacy we believe our holistic approach to health puts a bounce in your step and a smile on your face