Parents can’t help but feel concerned as children are spending more and more time on laptops, phones and in front of televisions.


Experts have discovered that technology is playing such a big role in children’s lives that it has become part of their daily routines.


An academic at Oxford University conducted the study, which focused on the daily routines of eight to 18-years-old.


The study found that the average time children spend in front of screens nearly doubled between 2000 and 2015



However, the growing use of technology is not all bad. According to the author of the study, Dr Killian Mullan, children are using the internet for beneficial purposes too.


He shared, "Our findings show that technology is being used with and in some cases perhaps to support other activities, like homework for instance, and not pushing them out.”


The study also found that children are incorporating technology into different activities like homework, exercise and socialising.



Experts understand that parents may be worried about how much time children are spending on their phones, but they are taking the devices with them, whilst “doing all the things that they would do anyway.”


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