Claires recalls YouTube star JoJo Siwas cosmetics over asbestos concerns

From glitter hair spray to patterned hairbands and colourful scrunchies, Claire's is hugely popular among older children and young teenagers.

Unfortunately, the high street brand are in now hot water over asbestos concerns in some of its products, specifically the JoJo Cosmetic Kit.

There were highly concerning rumours about their products containing traces of asbestos in 2017, and the fears have now been confirmed by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

The presence of asbestos was identified in three of the brand's products after an investigation, and the JoJo Cosmetic Kit has now been pulled from stores..

Defined by the British Lung Foundation as “a group of minerals made up of microscopic fibres,” asbestos has been shown to damage lungs and possibly cause cancer when breathed in.

JoJo Siwa is a Nickelodeon and Youtube star who has collaborated with Claire's on numerous occasions to create accessories and make-up lines.


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Claire’s told Today Style that the palette has been recalled “out of an abundance of caution after testing by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration indicated the possible presence of trace amount of asbestos fibres in the powder eyeshadow element of the kit.”

A Claire's spokesperson maintained that the company “stands behind the safety of this product and all other Claire’s cosmetic items as such small trace amounts are considered acceptable under European and Canadian cosmetic safety regulations.”


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They also pointed out that “Claire’s moved to talc-free cosmetic manufacturing,” in 2018 to “prevent any further concerns about talc contamination.”

Small particles of the contaminated eyeshadow in the JoJo Cosmetic Kit can become airborne when swept onto lids. Full refunds will be offered to anyone who bought the kit, at least.

The future of the brand is now being called into question, with rumours of sinking sales as high street stores struggle to keep up with major stores like H&M and Primark.

The company officially filed for bankruptcy in the US this March.

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