The festive season is all about spending much-needed quality time with family and friends, but, sadly, it is not a happy time for everyone. Whether you have recently lost someone or it’s been a few years, Christmas can be particularly hard time of year.
To help you feel better able to cope with the day, have a read of our five helpful tips.
Involve the memory of the other person in your celebrations
Whether it is a toast to them at dinner, a trip to their grave after mass or hanging a decoration in their honour on your tree, involving them in your celebrations will keep their memory alive and help you and your kids remember them without sadness.
Be open and honest with your feelings
If you are feeling sad, be sad. You don’t need to be full of joy just because it is Christmas. While you can’t simply hide away from the day under your covers when you have kids, being open and honest with how you feel will not only help you cope better but it will also help your children understand that it is ok to be sad on a day when you are expected to be happy.
Have a good cry
It is ok to cry on Christmas day and you will feel a lot better than if you simply kept your emotions to yourself. In fact, seeing you cry may even help others, especially children, who might be struggling to deal with how they feel and what they believe they are expected to feel on Christmas day.
Give a gift in their memory
Whether you wrap up a gift and give it to charity or leave it under the tree until you are ready to open it, buying a special present for the one you have lost is a great way to include them in the celebrations. This is also really helpful for children who are struggling to cope as it helps them to open up about the person they have lost.
Find moments of joy
Whether it’s listening to a Christmas song that you both used to love, watching your children light up when they open their presents or spending time with people you love, you need to be able to find moments of joy that you can savour, no matter how small or insignificant they might seem.