Clowns are a creepy enough concept as is, but the recent spate of mysterious clown sightings across the US has left people terrified.


The full horror of catching a lurking stranger dressed up in clown attire has been realised, following the arrest of 20-year-old Jonathan Martin, in Kentucky.


According to a police report – and frightening photos – Martin was found crouched among trees near an apartment block, dressed head-to-toe in a black-and-white clown costume, in the early hours of Friday morning.



When police arrived on the scene to investigate, in Middlesboro, Martin is said to have run away towards a car.


He was apprehended, however, and has since been charged on two counts: wearing a hood or mask in a public place (against Kentucky law) and disorderly conduct.


Police also discovered that Martin had two outstanding warrants for non-payment of fines and failure to appear in court.



This is just the latest addition to a string of bizarre reports from all over the US, whereby clowns have been turning up at random near houses and play parks.


Only a few miles away in London, Kentucky, local resident Jamie Hill came face-to-face with one of these scary clowns – and took to Facebook to warn her friends.



“I seriously think this clown thing has gotten out of hand and someone is going to get hurt. Please share this so people around London will know that they are here!” she wrote.


Let’s hope this arrest will nip the terrifying ‘trend’ in the bud.


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