As parents, we can all identify with that fear that takes over when a son or daughter starts dating, and one protective dad has gone to extreme measures to send a message to any boys interested in taking his daughter out.


Kit Dale has become a viral sensation this week after creating a T-shirt for his daughter, emblazoned with a photo of his intimidating physique and bearing the slogan ‘Stay Clear Boys, this is my dad!’


Kit, who is a two-time World Pro Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion, proudly posted the image on his Facebook page, proceeding to share it on the social networking site Reddit.



The image has proved quite controversial however, with parents split over its appropriateness. While some have found humour in the picture, others have criticised Kit for being over-protective and disrespectful towards his daughter.


“How about a shirt that says ‘attention boys…this is my body and I do what I want with it…neither you nor my dad make any of the rules…and ps I may not even be into boys,’” commented one user.


What are your thoughts on Kit’s actions?