As parents one of our main jobs is to keep our kids safe, but no matter what you do or say sometimes it falls on deaf ears.


Sadly, dad Jarrod Spedding learned this the hard way and has taken to Facebook to issue a warning to anyone who is underage and considering drinking.


Posting a photo of his daughter Tyler in Blackburn Royal Hospital, Jarrod explains how he thought his 14-year-old daughter was sleeping in a friend’s house until she was rushed to hospital by paramedics.



“This is what happens when you tell your parents you’re sleeping at your friend’s house and they say they are sleeping at yours and you think it’s clever to go to a park and drink a bottle of Vodka [sic]!” he wrote, addressing Tyler’s friends.


“Tyler still hasn't woken up yet and has been in Blackburn Royal Hospital in recovery since 10 last night when she was rushed there by the paramedics where they took over her breathing. ...this could have been a lot worse....”


Urging anyone who is underage and considering drinking, Jarrod continued: “Stay away from drink CHILDREN till you are old enough it’s not big and it’s not clever [sic]”.



Not surprisingly, the post has been shared an incredible 41,000 times and received over 10,000 comments. 


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