As parents we are meant to love our children equally, even if one tends to push us to our limits more than others.


And when it comes to dividing our assets it should be split fairly down the middle, right? 


Well, not everyone agrees with that.


In fact, new research has found that one in ten mums and dads admit to favouring one child over another when creating their will. 



And while one of the reasons for doing so was due to the fact they simply had a closer bond, most of the dividing was based on logic and actually seemed pretty fair.


Of the 2,000 people surveyed, two-fifths said they wanted to give more to the child who is responsible with money, with others wanting to help an offspring in a less financially secure position.


Other reasons included parents favouring biological kids over step-children (18 percent), and wanting to give money to grandchildren instead. 



However, five percent of participants from the Slater and Gordon.survey admitted to cutting their own children out of the will without having a conversation prior to making their decision. 


"While having such conversations can take courage, families that speak freely about these delicate issues can avoid problems and surprises down the line, particularly if assets are not being split equally between children," James Beresford said. 


"Explaining the reasoning behind your decision could make it easier for children to accept. Don't assume it's obvious why you have left something to one child and not the other."