With summer holidays just around the corner, and swimwear starting to hit the shops, our minds have turned to those lingering extra pounds leftover from Christmas and, more importantly, shifting them!


If you’re anything like us, then life is hectic enough without adding the stress and effort of a major lifestyle overhaul into the mix. The last thing you want to do is put your body through the disaster of a fad diet, either.


Well, no need to worry a hair on that head of yours. If you’re looking to shed a few pounds the healthy way, start with these tips.


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Make exercise a standard part of your daily routine

When we think about losing weight, especially through exercise, we tend to view it as this mammoth task and uphill battle. Well, going on health experts’ advice, as little as 30 minutes of physical activity a day can keep us healthy and support the maintenance of a healthy weight. When you break it down like that, it doesn’t seem like that much, does it?


The important thing here is to make exercise a manageable, standard part of your day, and to fit it into your lifestyle. Go on a brisk walk for half an hour each day, and bring the buggy with you; not only will you feel the benefits, but the fresh air is also fantastic for your baby or little one.


If you can, take half an hour to yourself during the day or after work, whether it’s getting out to walk the dog or signing up to a class with a friend. If that’s not possible, get your exercise hit through a regular activity that the whole family can participate in; a walk in the woods, a swimming class, or a weekend cycle are all great options that will help you to shift those extra pounds.



Up your daily intake of water

It’s one of those nuggets of advice that gets wheeled out during every conversation about diet, nutrition and weight loss, but there’s a very good reason for that – water is so good for us, and it plays a key role in helping us to lose weight.


So, how exactly does water help with weight loss? Well, firstly, water fuels your exercise; so, when you’re fully hydrated, you can really give it your all at that kick-boxing class or during that evening jog. It also boosts your metabolism, allowing your body to break down those pesky calories. So, you see, water really is your best friend throughout your weight loss journey.


If you’re not a massive fan of water (some people just find it plain boring), there are some tricks to liven things up – lots of people like to add a splash of cordial or a segment of citrus fruit, for a kick of flavour.



Make healthier food options

Yes, we know having the local takeaway on speed-dial is a huge temptation, but once you get into the habit of making healthier food options, you will feel so much better about your weight loss journey and your life in general – both physically and mentally.


The first step on the ladder to success is meal prepping. Draw up a list of healthy food options for each meal – if you can plan for the entire family, all the better! Pick up the ingredients you need during your weekly grocery shop, select an evening to cook and prepare everything for the week ahead, and pack and freeze/refrigerate as necessary. Not only will meal prepping keep you from dialling the takeaway, but having your meals ready to cook or heat up will also save you so much hassle and stress.



Fit your weight loss into your busy lifestyle

There is no doubt in our minds that some of you reading right now are saying, “I just don’t have the time to exercise” or “As soon as I start to meal prep, my baby wakes up screaming”. Sometimes, it’s just not possible to do everything; and as mums, we understand this better than anyone. That’s why an extra helping hand can be a godsend and give us that extra motivation and push that we need.


A perfect example of this is Yokebe Active Food; a highly nutritious, all-in-one natural weight loss in a shake. Health-conscious mums, take note; because Yokebe is not like other weight loss shakes. It is blended using a special combination of high-quality proteins and honey, as well as all of your essential vitamins, minerals and macronutrients.


Yokebe’s unique blend of nutrients helps to support you to drop pounds while maintaining your body’s balance. With no artificial flavours, preservatives or refined sugar; and containing gluten-free ingredients, Yokebe offers a convenient and healthy weight loss solution when you need that little extra help shedding the pounds.



Have a plan of motivation

No matter how dedicated you may be, there will come a point when your motivation will flag and all you will want to do is sit on the couch in front of your favourite boxset, gorging on pizza and ice cream sundaes. Does it sound like we’ve been there? Well, that’s because we have – but it’s always possible to overcome these hurdles, with a little motivation.


Whether it’s asking your family for a little extra support and motivational affirmations, embarking on your weight loss journey with an encouraging friend, or listening to an inspiring podcast; have your emergency plan on hand, so that when you feel like packing it all in, someone or something is there to help you get back on that metaphorical horse.


We all need support, love and care in every single one of our challenges and endeavours in life, and these are especially essential when it comes to any weight loss journey.



Yokebe is a weight loss shake*, with naturally sourced ingredients** which contains all your essential vitamins and minerals plus 32g of protein in a single serving of our honey flavoured shake. They’re also free from gluten and come in strawberry and chocolate flavours. Yokebe is available from pharmacies nationwide and for more inspiring recipe ideas visit www.yokebe.ie 


*Substituting 2 daily meals of an energy restricted diet with meal replacements contributes to weight loss. The Yokebe diet plan is a calorie controlled diet which should include other types of low calorie foods such as soups, vegetables and fruit. You should also aim to drink enough liquid (2 Litres) a day.


** Honey, protein and cocoa natural at source.

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