Domino’s deliver Christmas early with limited-edition Orange Chocolate Cookies

Domino’s, the nation’s best loved pizza company, is delivering Christmas early this year with a limited-edition festive addition returning to their menus nationwide – Orange Chocolate Cookies from today Monday, 14th November.

Domino’s has your Christmas treat covered by taking their much-loved cookie recipe to the next level with the return of this exclusive cookie that combines a gooey orange centre with iconic Domino’s cookie dough, resulting in the iconic Choc Orange Cookies.

These deep-filled bites are the perfect winter warmer, coming in batches of four and offering a luxurious melt in the middle orange centre - baked in Domino’s signature cookie dough, they’re the perfect way to end your meal.

Domino’s Choc Orange Cookies first made an appearance on menus for Christmas 2020 and proved very popular with over 1.3 million portions selling. One in every 10 orders contained Choc Orange Cookies, and 40,000 cookie monsters placed orders for Choc Orange Cookies on their own*!

Melanie Howe, Domino's Melt-In-The-Middle Maestro said: “Domino's cookies are everyone’s go to sweet treat after a delicious piping hot pizza. Well, we've been working hard to bring this festive crowd pleaser back to the menu because we know how popular they were in 2020. We're delighted to announce the return of the limited-edition Choc Orange Cookies for a limited time only!

"This is the ultimate festive dessert. We're sure our new melt-in-the-middle delights are the perfect way to warm any winter evening."

Domino’s Choc Orange Cookies are available in stores across Ireland from today Monday, 14th November and can be ordered via the app and online on