By now, everyone has had their fun with the Snapchat filters that can make us look like anything from a magical fairy to a pop art version of ourselves.


The most popular however has to be the one that transforms us into stunning, floral-crown-wearing goddesses.


You can’t lie and say you haven’t taken one too many selfies with that filter.


Well one person who definitely appreciates that filter is Cassie Martin.


She posted a picture on Facebook with her glimmering eyes and a leaf crown in her hair and it received quite the response.



Unfortunately for Cassie, one person who also saw the picture was her dad who decided to have a laugh at his daughter’s expense.


Imitating the picture, her dad created himself a real leaf crown, rocked a similar pout and even drew on his daughter’s distinctive tattoos.


The picture was posted on Imgur yesterday and has already been viewed nearly 60,000 times.


Well he nailed it


Users have been coming up with their usual witty responses with comments like:


“When your dad’s duckface is more on point that yours”


Some noticed things we didn’t evens see.


“The earring on a piece of string, nice one dad.”


With some asking the most important question:


“Who wore it better?”


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