Cheese lovers, we have some wonderful news!


Experts have found that eating 40g of cheese every day could reduce the risk of heart attacks.


The researchers in China have stated that cheese could potentially lower the chances of developing coronary heart disease.


In the past, we believed that the saturated fat found in cheese caused heart problems, but it actually has a very little impact on heart disease risk.


They shared the findings in the European Journal of Nutrition.


They found that cheese could shed the risk by up to 14 percent.


The researchers discovered that the calcium in cheese prevents the fat in cheese from being absorbed in your body.



The team from Soochow University in China also found that cheese can stop your arteries from being clogged.


They wrote, “Cheese contains a high content of saturated fatty acids but also lists of potentially beneficial nutrients.”


They studied 15 past reports from across the United States and Europe.


Through these reports, the experts analysed 200,000 people by looking at their diet and health results.


They shared that people who eat 40g of cheese every day are also less likely to have a stroke. They said consuming a matchbox-sized amount of cheese can lower that risk by 10 percent.


We often associate cheese with being a bad food, but there are numerous benefits to consuming moderate amounts of cheese.



As the festive season approaches, we’ll be spending a lot of time at house parties and merry social gatherings, and more often than not you will find us glued to the cheese board.


There are so many benefits to eating cheese, it may reduce the risk of heart attacks and stroke, but cheese also makes your bones stronger due to the high amounts of calcium.


It has also been found that cheese is extremely good for your pearly whites. There is a probiotic in cheese that reduces the levels of yeast that can cause cavities in your mouth.


For those of you who suffer from migraines, eating cheese can help reduce the intense headaches as it is one of the best sources of calcium.


From strengthening your bones to reducing the risk of heart problems, there are many benefits to making cheese part of your daily diet. Just don’t overdo it!