One thing Christmas showed us was that eating dinner together is really heart-warming, despite the tiffs about who got more roast potatoes.


When we were younger having dinner as a family was a normal part of our daily routine. Once the clock struck 6, we gathered around the table with our family and tucked into our dinner.


However, a recent study has found that the tradition seems to be on its last legs. The research, which was conducted by Co-op Food Chronicles, found that more people are dining in front of the television rather than at the dining table with their clan.



Gone are the days where we nattered about what we did in biology class and when our mums informed us about the neighbourhood gossip over a roast dinner.


Apparently, people are now eating their dinner with their phone in their hand or with the television on. The study shared that 55 percent of people have a screen present at mealtimes, whether that’s a phone, laptop, tablet or TV.



Many people would claim that this would ruin the social side to eating together, however, Dr Patrick Alexander of the SIR revealed, “Contrary to negative perceptions of how social and digital media impact on family life, the advent of the “digital dinner table” may present us with new opportunities to interact over food.”

What do you think, mums? Do you allow screens at the dinner table? Or do they take away from the experience of having dinner together?