Minister for Education Richard Bruton is hopeful that schools will re-open tomorrow.


Storm Emma left schools across the country closed for up to three days, after days of heavy snowfall and severe frost.



The Minister for Education told RTÉ’s Week In Politics, “Principals in the schools will be checking to make sure there’s no leaks or water breaks and things like that that would prevent the opening of schools.”


He added, “It is at the discretion of the school to make a final decision but generally speaking we are hoping for an opening of the schools across the country.”


However, he explained that the decision is entirely up to the school. Each individual school will have to assess the conditions in their area, before making a decision.


Sean Hogan, Chair of the National Emergency Coordination Group, stated, "Schools in areas where it is feasible have been checking their premises today and linking with school bus operators in order to make decisions about opening tomorrow.”



He explained that “this has been done on a case-by-case basis,” but parents will be informed as soon as the decisions have been made.


The Minister for Education has urged parents to contact their local school to find out more information about whether or not they will open tomorrow.