The older your child becomes, the harder it can be for you as parent, to get them reading. In some cases tweens may instantly take a shine to reading. However, due to the increase of many distractions, it’s harder than it’s ever been to get your tween to actually pick up a book and give reading a go.
Most parents might not be keen on the idea of their tween reading magazines. But if they are suitable for your child’s age and you’ve scanned the content first, it can be a great starter point. Reading can unfortunately be seen as an uncool pastime, so magazines could be more acceptable among your tween’s peers. While a lot of tween magazines may focus on celebrities, they also contain some worthy content too. So, they definitely should not be dismissed when it comes to your tween’s reading list.
Tween Genre
While again it is important to ensure that the content your child is reading is suitable for their age group, the tween genre in literature is stronger than it’s ever been. The best way to ensure that your tween is reading suitable content is to go a book shop and talk to the staff there. Thankfully, a lot of book companies have made it clear, if a certain book is suitable for your child or not. If you want to reassure yourself that your tween is reading a book that is age appropriate, the best thing to do is to read the said book, before they do.
Book Club
Your tween is heavily influenced by their peers, so if there was any way to get your tween reading, it’s through their friends. Your tween doesn’t necessarily have to be a part of a book club to love reading. But joining a library and meeting those who share similar interests to theirs, will definitely encourage them to open a book. Having someone to discuss their book passions with will not only create an opportunity to make more friends, but encourage their love of reading.
But remember that there is a book out there for everyone and once your tween finds one they really enjoy, it will be impossible for you to get their head out of any book.