After a long wait, teenagers who sat the Junior Certificate last year finally have cause to celebrate. So, if your adolescent is heading out celebrating this evening, these six tips will help ensure they say safe:
Know where they are going
It is important you know where your child is going and who they are going with. If possible, drop and collect them yourself. If you can’t pick up let them know that you will be up waiting for them when they come home. 
Tell them to stay in groups
There will be a lot of kids out celebrating tonight, so make sure your teen stays safe by sticking with their group of friends. Tell them not to wander off on their own and if they do lose their friends that they should call you.
Talk about the risks of alcohol
Until your teenager is 18 years of age, drinking alcohol is illegal. That said, it won’t stop many from trying to get it from somewhere. The best way to stop them is to talk about the risks associated with excessive alcohol consumption. Make sure they know that there are consequences if they do drink.
Make sure they go to pre-organised JC results events
If your teenager is going out, make sure they have tickets to any discos that they plan on attending. If you are unsure about the venue, give them a quick call prior to the event and ask about supervision and whether or not there will be alcohol on the premises.
Talk to other parents
Keep in contact with the parents of other kids attending events. If you can’t collect, arrange for another responsible adult to. If your child is going to a party in their friend’s house, make sure there will be appropriate supervision and, just like you would a nightclub, ask if alcohol will be served. This way you can make an informed decision about whether you will allow your child to go.
Make sure their battery is charged
Make sure your teen’s mobile battery is fully charged and that they have enough phone credit to be able to call home, should they need to.