Mark Whitney
Fertility Specialist
About this expert
Mark Whitney is co-founder and Managing Director of Pillar Healthcare Ltd. Beginning his studies in Waterford Institute of Technology and achieving a qualification in business studies, he realised his part-time job in a health store had become his passion and he wanted to learn more. Mark then moved his studies into this area and is now a fully qualified nutritional therapist and sports nutritionist.
Mark and Pillar Healthcare have developed Europe's most therapeutic nutritional product for improving male and female fertility. The nutritional product and program developed by the team at Pillar has been heralded as 'a viable alternative to IVF' in the media and the medical community.
Mark's career to date has focused on providing integrative healthcare advice. As well as working for one of Ireland's largest suppliers of natural products as a specialist and trainer, he has also run a private nutrition clinic specialising in reproductive and endocrinological disorders, which ultimately led him to establishing Pillar Healthcare with business partner Matt Ronan.
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